Grandmother’s cross stitch produced beautiful designs, but it was slow and hard to duplicate. Today’s technology allows us to replicate and enhance those designs with computerized embroidery – and we can embroider nearly anything that can be sewn. We can digitize any art work, then stitch the design onto custom shirts, golf accessories, custom clothing, custom hats – even monograms. And if it’s uniforms you need, embroidery looks great on everything from a lab coat or medical scrubs to football or basketball uniforms and cheerleading uniforms.

Perceived as a polished and professional way to embellish a garment, our embroidery designs can include as many as 15 different colors. For anything from a logo shirt to golf apparel and professional garb or even a tote bag, custom embroidery is a cost-effective way to highlight your logo and underscore your professionalism.

With our high-tech embroidery machines we can complete most jobs, even large ones, in 7 – 10 working days.